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Confront Me - A New Community May. 20th, 2005 @ 04:30 pm Next Entry
Do you enjoy a challange? Do you like to write? Well this is the community for you.

Okay... Corny Welcome note is over.

Welcome to Confront me! This is a friendly, low-pressure community. We want fanfic authors and fanartists who are willing to draw, write and challenge other authors.

Our challenges and answers can be found here.

Just join, And follow the instructions below.

Posting Challenges

1) Think of the challenge, yes this point is obvious, but it's necessary.

2) Just post the challenge onto the community.

3) Check on the website in a few days and makesure that your challenge is there.

4) If the challenge hasn't been posted onto the website, contact a moderator.

Answering Challenges

1) If you find a challenge you're interested, reply to it.

2) If it's on the webdite, follow the link to the post and reply

3) When you have finished the challenge, post it.

Posting Finfics/art

1) When answering a challenge, use the following layout.

Challenge: state which challenge you are answering
Disclaimer: You need a disclaimer for leagl reasons

2) When linking to your work, please make sure that the link works.

Got all that? Well, join and begin to post! But don't forget to note that all challenges will be posted on the website, and that all answers in picture and fanfic form will be posted on the site. We do accept original fiction.

Also, interesting links which help the community.

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Please note that couples of all orientations are welcome here. Neither homophobia nor heterophobia will be tolerated!

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